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What is the production time for label printing?
Production time varies depending upon the number of orders in the schedule at any given time; however, typical lead time is approximately 7 to 10 business days after receipt of proof approval.

What is a proof?
A proof is a pre-production representation of what your label will look like when it is finished. It is an opportunity for you to be sure that your art will be reproduced according to your requirements. Typically, we will produce a pdf proof (which will be sent to you by email) or an Epson proof printed on paper for your review and approval prior to actual production. Once we receive your approval, we will produce your labels based on the approved proof.
It is important to note that colors may not appear the same on different computer displays and all proofing systems are subject to variation from actual print, even the human eye does not see color exactly the same from person to person. The only way to ensure an exact match to your art is for you to come to the plant and approve the job when it is on the press.

Why do I need to see a proof if you are using my art?
Your approval of the final proof provides assurance that you have reviewed every aspect of the job and approved it as an accurate reproduction of your art with regard to the size, shape, colors, text and any other aspects unique to the job. It is your responsibility to ensure that all errors have been identified and corrected prior to printing. No one benefits if errors are identified after the job is finished.

What is a die?
A die is a tool for cutting the shape of the label. A die cuts the label shape like a cookie cutter. We have a large die inventory and can often accommodate our customer’s die requirements without additional die charges.

What Protective Finishes are available?
Press Varnish, UV Varnish and Film Lamination are protective finishes. All are available either Gloss or Matte.

Press Varnish is essentially similar to ink without pigment. It is printed and dried in the same way as ink. It provides some resistance to scuffing and liquids.

UV varnish is a polymer coating that is dried by exposure to Ultra Violet light. It provides greater resistance to scuffing and liquids than press varnish.

Film Lamination is a thin plastic film that is affixed to the printed surface by adhesive. It provides the greatest degree of resistance to scuffing and liquids.

What if my label needs a barcode?
We can print your barcode; however, if you need to obtain a code you must contact GS1 US. Barcodes are issued and controlled by GS1 US (formerly the Uniform Code Council) through their solution partner BarCodes and eCom. Their web address is www.gs1us.org or you can contact them at (937) 435-3870. We can use the unique number they issue to you to produce a barcode for your labels.

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